Typically, when people think about spring cleaning, they think everything needs to be moved out onto the lawn in order for a deep scrubbing to commence throughout the house. That’s not the case! There are plenty of simple cleaning solutions that will make spring cleaning a breeze this year. Read on to find out how you can give your home a quick and easy clean.

Power Clean
:  You give certain areas of your home more attention than others. Areas like counter and sink tops might receive a daily or weekly wipe down, but areas like your sink might get a once-over on any given weeknight. Give these neglected areas of your home a deep clean this spring. Areas of your home like sink tops contain more bacteria than the toilet seat in your bathroom. To get this surface clean and sanitized, use an EPA-safe disinfectant. Then spray the cleaned area with vinegar, then with hydrogen peroxide (in separate layers). Let these solutions air-dry and enjoy your beautifully sanitized sink! Spring is also the perfect time to give other neglected areas like window frames and door tracks a deep cleaning as well.

Assess Clothing: Many people have drawers and closets full of clothing that doesn’t fit or is simply out of style. Spring is the perfect time to update your look. Start by removing all of the clothing from your closet. Assess each piece – if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months or it no longer fits, set it aside. Those articles of clothing that do fit can be placed back into your drawer or closet. Take the clothing that you want to get rid of and donate it to a local charity or clothing drive. You’ll be saving space in your home for new clothing and helping those in need at the same time!

Sanitize Flooring:  Carpeted flooring absorbs dirt, dust, and debris all winter long. Clear away that dirt and prepare them for another year of wear-and-tear with a shampooing. Experts recommend that you have your carpeting cleaned at least once a year, sometimes twice depending on the foot traffic it receives. Use a commercial-grade carpet shampooer or hire a professional to remove settled stains and dirt.  If you have hardwood flooring, use a steam cleaner to remove streaks of dirt.


Rearrange Furniture: Moving your furniture around can give a room a whole new look and feel. If you have pieces that are not being used presently, the experts at Emerald Hills Extra Closet recommend renting a self storage unit, especially if you are not ready to part with these items and know that you or someone you know will get some use out of them later. For instance, if you have extra furniture that you know your child can use when they head off to college, consider renting a unit to store these items and conserve space in your home.

Cleanse Window Treatments:  Spring is the perfect time to switch out or refresh your current window treatments. If you have wooden blinds, wipe them down with a microfiber cloth and gentle wood cleanser. If you have aluminum blinds, you can take them outside when the weather is nice and use a gentle cleanser and non-abrasive cloth to scrub them clean. If your window treatments are fabric, take them down and give them a wash to remove any dust that has settled on the surface, or change them with a brighter spring print.

Update Bed Linens:  Give your master bedroom a quick update by swapping out your bed linens. Wash and pack away your bulky winter throws and replace them with lightly colored linen sheets. Use floral throw pillows or brightly colored shams to welcome spring into your bedroom!

Invite spring into your home this year with these cleaning tips!