vintage1In the last couple of years the vintage clothing trend has become huge. With retro boutiques and shops springing up all over the place. These days we get to see our childhood memories acted out by mannequins in the windows of most well-known high street stores, and all this can spark the kind of nostalgia that makes you want to find the nearest time machine and hot foot it back to “the good old days”.

But if you’re a fan of anything vintage you will know that, like all aging matter, the clothes and accessories need care and attention. Below is a guide of how to make your vintage clothes last that little bit longer (your kids will thank you in 20 years). Trust us.

  • Store your precious vintage apparel in a dry place and away from sunlight (so the funky patterns don’t fade).
  • Hang your clothes on good quality wooden hangers, they’re sturdy and won’t misshape or leave stretch marks on your clothes. Or for even better protection, hang them on padded hangers.
  • If possible, store your vintage clothes in breathable garment bags. The delicate fibres need to be able to breathe.
  • Keep those pesky moths away from your wardrobes and drawers with some moth repellent cedar wood or lavender balls/rings/whichever shape repellent product you prefer.
  • Do try to lint roll your vintage clothing every once in a while. Not only does it keep the dust from settling on them but it also removes your hair/pet hair/bobbles.

You really should love your vintage clothes. They’ve been through decades and seen it all. Remember when your parents told you to respect your elders?? This must be what they meant.