If you have a tidy up of your house, then there is the possibility that you will find articles of clothing, old toys or games, or any other knick-knacks that you no longer want or need.
So, what do you do with your unwanted items? You could give them to friends or family who might want them, donate them to a charity shop, or just bin them to get rid of them quickly. Or, you could go to a car boot sale and make back a little money on the items you no longer want.

Secrets to the perfect car boot sale

A car boot sale is a great way of getting rid of your unwanted items, which also makes more space in your home. It is also one of the easiest ways to sell your items quickly and with minimum hassle. One thing that you do need to remember is that there will be a pitching fee to pay in order to park your car and sell your items. The pitching fee can vary depending on which car boot you go to, so make sure you do your research before you decide to go and sell your items.

If you do decide to go and sell your items, then make sure you are prepared. Take plenty of change so you are able to give the correct change if someone buys a one pound item and gives you a five pound note. Also, make sure that you take plenty of carrier bags because there is a high possibility that someone making a purchase will ask you if you have any. This means that if you happen to have a lot of carrier bags at home that you have no use for, you can get rid of some by offering them to people who purchase items from you.

Before you go to the car boot, make sure that you have a collapsable table that you can easily get out of your car, because that will be the first thing that you need to get out so you can set up your stall. A good way to draw people in to your stall is to have a colourful tablecloth and signs that tell people what you have to offer and how much you are selling them for. By being able to effectively draw people in to your stall, you are more likely to sell your items and that means you will have less to take home with you at the end of the day.

Labelling your items clearly and doing deals such as three for two pounds, means that people are much more likely to visit your stall. By doing deals, it also means that people are buying more of your items off you. It is a quick way to sell your items and customers will be happy because they’re getting a good quick deal for items that they want and that will be cheaper at your stall than online or possibly at another stall.

By making sure that you can catch someone’s eye and draw them in to your stall, you increase the chances of more people buying from you. Thus, resulting in you having less to pack up and take home, and less unwanted items in your home.