Although the weather is still screaming winter, we’re all in the knowledge that spring is just around the corner. And we all know what spring means… Rain! So whilst the weather is slightly warmer but still as damp why not take the opportunity to have a household ‘spring clean’ (hence the name).

• Get the whole family involved. As long as the kids are old enough… help them to learn how to be organised and clean, but make it fun. Do one room at a time. You’ll find you’ll enjoy it once you finish a room and see how tidy and organised it is.

• De-clutter. Give away/sell/bin anything you don’t need or haven’t used and/or won’t use again. We’re all guilty of keeping things “just in case” but you’ll feel much better for it once you have more storage space and a bit of extra pocket money, if you decide to sell it. Start by clearing out the cupboards and wardrobes one by one, cleaning them down as you go. Make sure there’s no insects hiding in those wardrobes! Once cleaned maybe think of getting some cedar wood products to repel the pesky moths and insects that love your precious clothes.

• Save space and create harmony in your wardrobes, airing cupboards, kitchens and bathrooms with door storage hangers. They’re a cheap and simple way to gain that little bit of space back, they’re great for storing cleaning products away from children and even keeping snacks and kitchen utensils organised in the kitchen. You can be as inventive and creative with these as you wish.

• Utilise the space under your bed with boxes and vacuum pack space bags. Now, this is stating the obvious because most of us stuff things under the bed but even that space needs some organisation so we can find things easier and there’s no damage to any valuables. So placing things in boxes under the bed is safer, cleaner and gives us more space under there too! If you’re storing your clothes and accessories by season then you should consider vacuum pack space bags, they keep moths and dust away from your items and keep them smelling nice so you’re not having to do a months’ worth of washing in two days!

• Organise your important paperwork. Bills, dates for you and your family, receipts, important paperwork; like passports, birth certificates and bank statements. Start by putting all the ‘VIP’ (very important paperwork) in to a box or a file and store it in a safe place. DO NOT let this box become cluttered with unimportant paperwork. You need these items to be at hand.

• Don’t be afraid to colour code. Be it the kid’s lunches, cleaning products, paperwork, files, books, food… Anything! How do you think hotels and restaurants manage so well??

• Recycle – but organise your recycling! We all need to do our bit for the environment but we also need to do it properly. Make sure you have a box in your home for each bin you have outside. That makes it easier to transfer, with no mess and it looks nicer. • Stay on top of household chores, like ironing or washing. That way you’re less likely to leave clothes lying around the house.

• Have a box/drawer of ‘Useful items’ like screwdrivers, batteries, plasters matches and tape.

We hope this list helps you! If you have any additions, like us on Facebook and add a tip to our wall or follow us on Twitter and hashtag #lifehacks